What we campaign against
Montgomery Voice For Animals campaigns to raise awareness about the cruelty and exploitation inflicted on animals in food production, animal testing, sport, entertainment and the pet trade.

We believe that if people knew the truth about animal suffering they would adopt a more compassionate lifestyle, which would lead to a kinder more caring world. Research shows that people who are cruel to animals are more likely to be cruel to other human beings.

“The animal rights movement is the greatest social movement of the century. It is world wide and people are beginning to understand that animals have complex feelings and varied intelligence and we abuse them
at our peril. I do not believe that those engaged in vivisection, factory farming or fishing can be other than desensitised, cruel and totally oblivious to the suffering they cause in the name of science or the production of meat or fish.

We cannot stand back and witness cruelty to animals any more than our forebears who worked for the abolition of slavery and other blatant injustices such as apartheid and torture.

Unlike other campaigns, the animal rights movement focuses on the suffering of other species, creatures who cannot organise themselves to resist their tormentors and so are totally at their mercy”

Joan Court, animal activist